BornJanuary 1977
LocationStavanger, Norway
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About me
I am a software developer living in Stavanger, Norway. My latest work contains databases and websites that presents the contents. As I am a full time employee for Profitbase AS, but still an enthusiastic person, interrested in technology, I have created a short presentation of my private projects on this website to show off some of my work.

I got my bachelor degree as a computer engineer summer 2005, and have worked with database and websolutions since that. I also have certificate as an electrician from my previous education and work, which I achieved in 2000. I started working for Profitbase AS 2017 as a Software Developer, and was previously employeed by Aker Solutions AS since 1998 in various positions where I had the oportunity to explore different types of work.

Nowadays I am working full time with WPF technology, developing the great solution, Invision. One of my goals in programming, is stribing to create the application as generic as possible with the respect to the environment.
I am working with various programming languages, with a main focus on c#, css, javascript and sql in webapplications. I also utilize php, especially in my private projects. From my studies, I have obtained a solid knowledge about programming, in java, which I later on have utilized when programming with other languages.

Html and css
Sql (oracle)
Industry, oil rigs